As a Knight Templar through Freemasonry in America, I have found confusion and frustration with the Christian body of Masonry. The Knights Templar is the most prestigious society a Christian Mason can join within freemasonry. It’s lessons on the beatitudes, of mercy as an aspect of justice, of Charity, and Christ as the Truth which is so essential to enter the divine gates of heaven are lessons every Trinitarian Christian Mason can agree with. I am obliged to defend the Christian faith as a Knight, as well as Templary, through love, through understanding, and through bold declarations and stances. Templary may look exclusive because it is. As with Craft lodge entry, not all men are capable of upholding the tenets inculcated in the degrees, and this is O.K.. All men are created equal, and equally unique, and this is the first lesson we learn in the York Rite. Nothing but a peculiar stone could finish the Royal Arch, and as this stone would not fit the use of any other stone, no other stone would fit its use, this is the lesson of the unique nature of individual men to fit certain stations in life. Not all men are Christians, not all Christians enjoy swords, this is a club where Christian men may comfortably meet to express their particular beliefs together, or where those who promise to defend Christianity may meet with us to learn the benevolent nature of Christ’s society. </p>

This blog contains my thoughts on all things proper for a Knight Templar, including, but not limited to: Christianity, Templary, Masonry, and Chivalry. This blog is not an official Masonic or Encampment publication, it only expresses my own opinions, and nobody else.