Due to the prevalence of Christianity within western culture, it is both the most famous religion & an enigma to nearly all those who were raised in it & “Practice” their faith, those who are only just learning about it, & those who are returning to it. There is a perception that because we “see” Christianity everywhere, or because we attended Children’s Church growing up, that we have a thorough grasp on the intricacies of that religion. This is seldom true.

Ultimately, Pastors & Priests specialize in the Christian religion the same way a handyman specializes in plumbing, a sailor in sailing, a programmer in programming, etc. so they truly are best equipped to answer your most burning questions. Despite their specialization, they are also humans, & just like a good programmer uses Google when their knowledge is lacking, so a religious leader may not be able to immediately answer your question without some research, that is just humanity. Building a strong relationship with ones faith leader is under-rated in these days, but incredibly important.

However, these links should also prove useful tools in strengthening your Christian faith, improving your knowledge of several denominations, & ultimately make you as a Christian a stronger Sir Knight for Christ & his kingdom, though they are no substitute for building a fruitful relationship with others within the body of Christ.