Due to the prevalence of Christianity within western culture, it is both the most famous religion & an enigma to nearly all those who were raised in it & “Practice” their faith, those who are only just learning about it, & those who are returning to it. There is a perception that because we “see” Christianity everywhere, or because we attended Children’s Church growing up, that we have a thorough grasp on the intricacies of that religion. This is seldom true.

The assorted sects (Called “Denominations”) have slightly varying belief systems. This page provides resources toward better understanding a few of those denominations.
If you have specific questions open the link to the desired form, press Ctrl+F then search the term you’re curious about in the box that appears (ie “Ten commandments”), & you should be taken to wherever that term appears in the document.

Ultimately, Pastors & Priests specialize in the Christian religion the same way a handyman specializes in plumbing, a sailor in sailing, a programmer in programming, etc. so they truly are best equipped to answer your most burning questions. Despite their specialization, they are also humans, & just like a good programmer uses Google when their knowledge is lacking, so a religious leader may not be able to immediately answer your question without some research, that is just humanity.

Roman Catholic Church

Lutheran Church

Presbyterian Church in America

Episcopal Church

Southern Baptist

United Methodist Church

Salvation Army


The denominations listed here are not meant as an endorsement of any one denomination.