First blog post

Welcome to The Fifth Libation. You might have already read other pages of this blog, but in case you didn’t:

I have created this blog due to confusion and strife I have seen within the bounds of my beloved society. There is a lack — though not an abscence — of quality York Rite blogs online, and I hope I can become a great source of information to curious brothers outside the Rite, and of some utility to brothers inside the Rite. Of course I hope most that the quality I provide is of the better kind. My blogs will not be consistent in length, or in publication dates. I can not promise weekly or daily posts. I frequently find that I am thinking about something of a religious, Templar, or Masonic sort, and hopefully I can utilize this as a means to soundboard off of brothers around the world.

This blog will also serve to encourage brother Christians to stand their ground, uncompromising in their faith, unwavering in truth, reminding Sir Knights that they are Companions of the Order of the Red Cross as well, reminding them of Zerubable’s prudence & peace in the face of adversity, the grace with which he skillfully maintained his faith, while convincing others of the validity of it (if not wholly making converts) progressing God’s will in the world through peace, for peace. Many men of society will tell you that you are wrong for interpreting masonic symbolism “narrowly” in your Christian views, for rejecting Alberts Pike and Mackey, and M.P. Hall, but it is not open mindedness to discourage another man in this way, as only the ruffians of society belittle a man to make him see their truth. Hiram saw no truth in giving up his secrets to men of that nature, they only had to let him be and they would have peace. True liberality demands we allow others their beliefs, even if our faith is contradictory. Hold fast to faith, uplift all others in hope, be charitable in grace.


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