Draw Swords

Sir knights, it is our obligation to defend Christianity, this country, and our families from the forces of evil embattled against it. In these trying times we see police falling dead at the hands of Christian enemies, soldiers returning from war with war tattooed on their souls, and a nation divided on racial and political lines. So I am here to put out the call to arms.

Draw Swords.

Draw your sword and take formation in the front lines: The food banks, the hospitals, the homeless shelters. Draw swords and win the wars being waged: in schools, libraries, youth sports, art programs. Become involved in the war for the hearts, and souls, of your neighbors: the homeless, the hungry, the mourning, the uneducated. The Knights Templar did not stand in Europe and extend advice to the middle east, they entered the land to help those who were seeking something better — they were seeking God — and who will say that a man who refuses to work isn’t seeking God?

So, Sir Knights, draw swords and form lines in fulfilling the eight beatitudes, as we were taught as Knights of Malta. Make your neighborhood brighter with the light of Christs healing work, and watch the nation light up in godliness, because InHoc Signo Vinces: Faith, Hope, and Charity.

Draw. Swords.

Hold fast to faith, uplift all others in hope, be charitable in grace.

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