I am reminded of the Don Vito Corlione who scolds a baker that approaches him on the day of his daughters wedding. The man knows the power of the God Father, the aid he can provide, but never sought a relationship with him.

While our Father is happily more benevolent, there is always a hesitance in speaking to  Him about our concerns when we haven’t built up a relationship with Him, some aspect of us believes He will say “How can you ask me for something in your time of need, when you never thought to thank me for your dinner yesterday?”. I’ve found found that I have similar difficulties talking to a Pastor, or a priest, about concerns in religion when I haven’t built a relationship with them. Not all pastors are good men, and no pastor is perfect, but their life’s work is dedication to a Godly lifestyle, including repentance, charity, and equipping Christian Soldiers with the armor of God.

So pray daily, my family and I pray over food, and bed, and I’ve found myself more comfortable praying just from that. Call your pastor/priest to pray with them, set up meetings to express your concerns about life, that they might better pray for you as well.

Hold fast to faith, uplift all others in hope, be charitable in grace.

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