Something good

It is the beauty of brotherhood that no brother should go without necessities. It’s an abstract concept of family which encourages our beneficence to one another. As Christ sacrificed his entire being to our life, so we can sacrifice time, talent, money etc. to our brother knights without shame or fear. A one for all & all for none mentality will not hold society together at all. “Chesed” is the Jewish word for love, which the mystics described as akin to “what’s mine is yours & what’s yours is yours”. A beautiful, if frightening, concept. No man wants to be taken advantage of, but our fraternity has no room for actions dictated by fear. Whether its gas money, or a ride; an article of uniform, or a hot meal; baby sitting for your brother so he can take his wife out for some peace & quiet, or calling him up to ask if he needs anything from the store because you’re already out any way. It’s a better life giving expecting nothing back, & the more we practice this inside our families, the church, and the fraternity, the more we’ll find every good man has enough when he has a brother.

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