Pray: A knightly calling

While Masonic Knights Templar are not tasked with the rigorous religious rule of historical Knights Templar, or the piety of that order, we are called on to pray for our brothers, and practice charity. Today is about prayer.

The historical knights of the order were a monastic society, called to live according to the rule of St.Benedict, but altered to allow for a more militarized lifestyle. Warriors, they fought comstantly for the protection of Jerusalem from the forces of Islam that loomed just over the horizon. Monks, they lived peaceful lives in near constant prayer, self reflection, and scholarly and theological study. Their first conversation every morning for the most powerful intellects of the middle ages was with the embarassingly invisible God. The Monastic life of perpetual prayer is not for every man, but daily prayer is. I pray with my family over food, and before bed. It was weird having the conversation with my wife that this was what I want, but she was ok with it.

If prayer was good enough for the Knights  of old, how can I pretend I’m too good for it?

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