In a conversation with a good friend, he asked “Why would God allow some to have so much, and others to have so little?” And the conversation carried on as we considered several points together.

When God made the world, he called it good. Since the world is inherently good, that means that stuff is good too. This is OK to say, because ultimately life in Heaven is better. A thing can be good, while something is better. So having things isn’t bad.

But the world after this is better, and what we have here won’t follow us on. The accumulation of stuff is not an end. But if we get stuff, we are called on as Christians to help. God has blessed us liberally with the financial means of security, plus enough for a yacht. But who am I if, moaning about the state of public schools, I buy a yacht. God blesses the Christian to be blessings and distribute (yes, I just said it) that blessing to others. If you have been blessed with wisdom to save, and have thrift, then it was to care for those less wise, to teach their children  about God’s wisdom. 

So the next time your kid asks for a new TV because they broke it, take them to a soup kitchen or food bank, and show them what the cost of a new TV can provide for others 

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