Morning considerations: Sirach 15:1

Sirach 15:1 Whoever fears God will do good. And whoever holds to justice will obtain it.
Sirach is a writting found in the apocrypha. Think of it as a pastoral writing in the vein of CS Lewis, or Joel Osteen. 

This passage doesn’t contain any secret meaning. God is good therefore those who fear Him will do good, and the just will obtain justice. 

As Knights Templar, we are called on to do good in our communities, and our families. Don’t remember your Vows? Call up a brother Knight, and if he doesn’t know, then keep calling. They embody the pinnacle of Chivalry including care for the widow and orphans. I remember a Blue Lodge member going on deployment and coming back to demit because not one brother called the guys wife to see if she needed anything. The common response was “well, he never asked us to.”, which is a despicable response from masons, especially Knights. During times of stress, of loneliness, we may not be obligated to, but we were raised to stretch out our hand. As knights, we are called to care for widows, which are described in dictionaries as a woman with a dead husband OR a husband gone frequently or for an extended period. A husbandless woman. You want the remedy for lodge participation? Love. Do good because you fear God, Knight. As Knights, we are more than masons. 

Hold fast to faith, give hope to the heavyhearted, be charitable in grace.

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