Enjoy the meal

Many brothers come to lodge for company, the meal and friendship. Many have no desire in the ritual, or administrative aspects of Masonry. Bring them in. Invite them to dinner before meetings, and don’t ask them to take a seat. Ask them to help cook, or clean, but not to open and close. A 200 member lodge with 12 recurring members? Do the other 185 remember the meeting times? When was the last time they got holiday cards from the lodge? Birthday cards? A birthday call from the WM? When was the last time that brother was treated like family, and not like a pawn in lodge politics? Does Tom need his house painted? Is Jerries lawn mower broken? Can Mrs. Sarah get to church now that Bob has passed? Do you care? Bring them together, let them enjoy the meal and go home; let them enjoy the fellowship, shake hands, and invite them for dinner (not the meeting) in two weeks.

Let them enjoy the meal.

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