We wage war: Destitute Widows

Knights, it is our blessing to be called to protect the women in our lives, and if we apply what Jesus of Nazareth said to mankind in loving our neighbor, our neighbor being any human in the world, then we know that any destitute widow in need is our responsibility. So I wonder, why is Violence against against women 1/3 globally? What are we doing to protect them? 

The World Health Organization has found the 1/3 women globally are subject to violence. “Well, they aren’t destitute widows.”, I disagree on that. Any woman who loved a man who abused her has found that the man she loved is dead. Any woman beaten, degraded, psychologically yanked around is destitute in confidence, in joy, in hope, in faith. Still not convinced? Well it applies to innocent maidens, and what are you doing for them? What is your commandery doing for them? How many women are in your life? If you know 10, then 3 are being, or have been abused. 

“What can I do?” The WHO has found that in higher income communities, public school programs on relationships, dating are effective in preventing violence. Teaching our daughters Martial Arts is effective in deterring violence, and builds confidence in women. Commanderies can sponsor daughters of members for Martial Arts training, teaching innocent maidens how to protect themselves, this is a wonderful means of protecting innocent maidens.

In lower income communities, financial education along side relationship education are effective means to prevent violence. Volunteer, or financially sponsor these programs individually, or as a commandery, in your city.

Sponsor a women’s shelter, there is one near your community, and they always need money, food, and a new paint job. Commanderies in the USA can reduce violence against women. 

Knights, this is Templary. Widows and maidens need not apply for assistance,  their necessities are sufficient to demand our action in our communities. Wage war to reduce violence in your town.

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