We wage war: Innocent Maidens

Knights, it is time we wage war. There are those in our communities who would seek to sabotage our fight for Justice and Honor. Vices of selfishness, laziness, and ignorance can not be tollerated. As with all great wars, every commandery must implement the strategy most effective in their community to erradicate forces which would seek to injur Innocent Maidens.  

The enemies of innocent maidens are all around, and can be pushed back with action. Young men must be shown the values of consent, and esteem. That a charitable love toward women in the community builds stronger communities; that sexuality is not wrong, but is not the ends which we seek out in life. 

“Sex sells” is commonly said in marketing, and the end of marketing is the sale, if sex sells, then the sale being sex implies that sex is the end, and that is wrong. No man would say the end- all is the attainment of sex, but in it’s absence there is a kind of anxiety among many young men because out of a noble zeal for capitalist liberty we have supported the ignoble passions of unpolished men. Charity is the noble end which Knights seek, creating an equal community out of the blessings God has given them to use for the improvement of our communities. Our Masonic brothers of the Progressive era understood this and built libraries, museums, Orphanages, Retirement Homes, and free childrens hospitals, utopian care for all of mankind that members now consider just another dollar on dues. But I digress.

Violent crime deminishes with scholarship, so educate the masses; young men that they know better, and innocent maidens that they can support themselves. Defend them from abuse, fund your community’s women’s shelter, staff it with commandery members, supply it with cans collected by Knights. These are innocent maidens you, or your children grew up with who need justice, but our swords remain the the hilt. Send them through college, or vocational training. They may not cry out for it, but the noble chivalry of a Knight of the Temple does.

In Hoc Signo Vinces: Unconditional love; Unexausting charity; Unabashed faith. 

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