No Regrets

It’s a strange, nobody ever told me that I might regret not helping, not finishing school, not complimenting somebody, not making somebody else’s life better. At least not like they told me how I would regret not taking chances, or breaking the rules, or following “my dreams”. I was never really sure what my dreams were, somebody always seemed to be there to remind me about music, comedy, school. They told me to follow my heart, but called me a sheep if my heart lead me to follow the rules. My heart was supposed to conform to their heart, or else what was wrong with me? Why wouldn’t I question “authority”? But why did I question them? 

I’ve only recently learned what my dreams are, what my regrets will be. I don’t care if I’ve never slept with one person from evey continent, or tripped on every drug known to man. I don’t care if I’ve never hitchhiked across Europe, or followed my music in to oblivion. I don’t care if I have kids, & they prevent me from doing this or that, because of a sports game, school, or illness. I won’t regret what you might, and that’s kind of comforting. 

I’ll regret not being able to fully fund my local library. I’ll regret not setting up a scholarship for some group of kids. I’ll regret not financing an upgrade in the local hospital. I’ll regret not funding & participating in a redcross mission to some part of the globe; or not making the world a cleaner, safer, better educated place than I found it. I’ll regret not having helped so much that the only thing my name is on is a rock next to other rocks in a field nobody cares about. That’s what I’ve always wanted. 

Here’s hoping none of my readers die with regrets.

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