I always wanted to sing, or play guitar. I’m not very good at either. There’s this stigma of an artist’s soul though, that you have to paint, or write, or play music, or act. There’s this perception that if you are an insurance salesman, then you are not creative or artistic. It’s a lie that has to be broken. 

As a kid, I didn’t want to focus on school, or work, it wasn’t artistic, and where would my individuality go if I became academic? Music was me. Art determines the individual. There’s not one time that somebody told me “anything you do is art”. But “market logistics” isn’t glamorous, right? But everything is an art. Art is anything that brings beauty to life.

Inovations in business make life cheaper with more. I can cover my walls in cheap posters of exquisite paintings because somebody made it possible. Both the art of painting and business came together to make life beautiful.

Inovations in medicine prevent me from contracting or falling too deep in to diseases that my grandparents grew up in fear of, and that is a beautification of life on a scale that few songs can reach. 

Innovations in farming provide obscene amounts of food to my family so they can grow up strong, healthy, happy, and that too is beautiful.

These and other arts are not glamorous, but lets not confuse kids, these are artists too. Had I known that years ago, I might have focused on an art to improve the life of the world, people, my country, in ways I never would have thought.

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